Friday, July 29, 2011

"I'm pregnant & I LOVE MEAT!..I'd eat that dog!"

Wow. interesting morning today taking the subway from North Hollywood to Hollywood & Highland....This girl had this GIGANTIC bag and asked if she could sit next to me, and I said that was fine. She told me that she's moving...Then she asked me if I wanted some of her hand sanitizer. I was like, No thanks. Then She said that it was time for her to eat her breakfast. Her breakfast was a tamale! IT looked really good, I'll have to get one tomorrow. She said that it was a cheese tamale. YUM! I want one right NOW! She said that she loves MEAT! & that she's pregnant and can't STOP eating! She even said while pointing to to someones dog on the subway, "I'd even eat that dog right now!?!?!" Who says that?! (Unless your from China, and have dogs hanging at your local farmers markets! Went to Westwood today to check out one of the movie theatre's there, where they have movie premieres at. The "Change Up" with Ryan Reynold's is going to take place there Monday! This boy will definitely be going! I NEED an autograph from him! I'm so EXCITED! I found Westwood but not that easily because I was taking the bus east instead of WEST! How stupid of me!! It's Westwood! (Hence, the word "WEST") But after I figured out the direction I needed to go it was easy to get there. UCLA is in Westwood, so that was pretty easy to find. This is super CRAZY, ya gotta here this story! So, I was at the Grove earlier and then went to Westwood, and I was at a bunch of other places. When I went to go get my Starbucks coffee in Westwood and left and was walking to the bus, this girl approached me saying, "Hey youuu!" (As she's running after me and chasing me! I was thinking that maybe I dropped something and she picked it up?... She was like "I know this is WEIRD question, but were you at the Grove today?" WHAT? haha. I was like yeahhhh! She said that she has seen me 3 times today!! & she remembers me from the Grove because she was thinking that she liked my shirt! How weird is that? Seeing someone 3 times in LA! and they were all at different parts of the city! Were now facebook friends, I mean runnning into someone 3 times has to mean something!?..She was like "my friends think im Crazy for running after you!" That is so crazy, I just can't get over that. Went to Hollywood Blvd, later that night, and was creeped out by a CREEPY Barney again...

 Cake batter ice cream is my absolute favorite! YUM!

 West Coast(:

You would think after reading these directions on my iphone, I would have went WEST! I'll NEVER make that mistake again. 

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