Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rolling a joint at the bus stop!?!?

WOW. WOW. WOW. what a day! This was probably the most eventful day I've had in LA by far! OMG! I headed to Beverly Hills early this morning and walked down Rodeo drive, and then went to the Beverly Hills library. What a nice library! Beverly Hills is such a nice area, I would LOVE to live there. Checked out the library, and was going to find the Playboy mansion, but I would've had to walk a mile after the bus ride to that neighborhood. So Went to West Hollywood to get my hair cut. Took a bus from Beverly Hills to West Hollywood. So as I was waiting at the bus stop this woman asked me "Do I know you?" First thing she asked...and I said noo! I was waiting for the same bus that she was waiting for. She asked me where I moved from..I said Wisconsin. She said "I used to WORK Milwaukee!" She didn't say I used to work there, she said "I used to WORK Milwaukee! Like the corner!? Then she kept going on, how cute of a boy I was, and good looking....and how much she loved my hair...and kept admiring how handsome I was...Then she said, "You must get a lot of tricks!" OMG! This is going way to far! I just kind of laughed! Ummm. Noo! I am NOT a HUSTLER or a pimp! I will NOT be rented out, and you will NOT be renting me out! Then she said how she has interviewed many of the older stars and how she has done a lot of radio. I looked her up on the bus while I was talking to her. She actually had interviews on Youtube. She also asked if I was LEGAL!?!?! What the EFFFF! Who asks that unless you want to get into my pants! YUCK! So I looked her up online later when I got home to see if they were telling the truth. They were telling the truth, but it turns out it was an 82 year old MAN! AHHH! He was then like see you later honey! OMG what an experience! I then took the bus to Target in West Hollywood. The Target was set up pretty nice, it was on the second floor of a building. I bought 3 bags of stuff including Salsa! YUM! It was kind of hard taking all that stuff home, but I did it. As I was waiting for the bus on Santa Monica Blvd. I said next to this freckin drug addict! She was rolling a joint RIGHT NEXT TO ME! I never saw stuff like this in Wisconsin! Also at the bus stop I saw this man/woman like being really like sexual, and stressing and making sure her stomach showed. I took pictures, I'll post them!

Do I really look LIKE A HUSTLER!?!?! I DON'T THINK SO! Yep this is the kind of stuff that happens in Los Angeles!

 He or she? This was the person that was flaunting their body at the bus stop on Santa Monica. 

 And an LA Tours bus were ALL looking at her/he!?

 This is something I carry EVERYWHERE! I NEED my Burt's Bees!

 Khloe Kardashian Tweeted me last night! I asked her if they will be having book signings when their new novel comes out this November! This boy will for sure be meeting her!

 Finally made it to the Beverly Hills library. It's in a real laid back area.

This Beverly Hills sign has been seen in MANY movies!

Nashka. My friends dog that's in LOVE with me!(: She has been spotted today chasing a fox and she also spotted 2 deer! Move OVER Lindsay Lohan, Nashka's stealing the spot light from you on my blog!  

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