Sunday, July 31, 2011

Niko...doing choice!? WHAT?

I had to get up super early today, 7 am ! I am NOT a morning person at all! But I had to get to work by 8:30! I stopped at a Donut shop before work, I got a donut and a chocolate milk! Worked 8 hours and it actually goes by pretty fast when you work during the day/early morning. Got out of work at 4! I went right home to do laundry and dishes cause I really needed to do both of them. You guys are probably shocked that I mentioned doing chores!....Cause I won't do anything I don't like doing!! I had to Skype with a friend to ask what clothes I could put with what.....oh technology (: I was on Skype with a friend for at least 2 hours! I love seeing people on camera from back in Wisconsin. It's so convenient and easy....wish my mom could figure it out though! She still hasn't got Skype working! The weather was so nice today, it rained for like 20 minutes when I was at work, but that was it, the sun came back out. The weather is great here.

Watching the Kardashian's soon! Can't wait! (Still can't believe that Khloe Kardashian tweeted me the other day!) Definitely meeting them at their book signing in LA this November!

Going to "The Change Up" premiere tomorrow! Stalking Ryan Reynold's!...I NEED his autograph! I'll be posting pictures tomorrow. The premiere is in Westwood by UCLA. It's a really great area, I checked it out the other day. Check back tomorrow for pictures. Wish me luck! that I'll get his autograph!

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