Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Change Up Premiere!...& SANDRA BULLOCK!

Holy COW, what an exciting day! Went to the North Hollywood station at like 10 am so I could start heading to Westwood where the 'Change Up" Premiere was being held. Saw a super creepy guy at the bus that takes you to the North Hollywood Station. He asked me if I wanted "Cold Beer." He was so gross he was wearing a super tight skirt! and a woman's top! And his penis was like just hanging out cause he wasn't wearing underwear!! It was absolutely disgusting! YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! Jumped on that bus as fast as I could. Went to Hollywood & Vine to find a poster/picture shop where they sell pictures for the premieres, so you can get them signed. I bought a Green Lantern and a Glee Picture, cause the Glee premiere is Saturday! Went to Westwood, and got there at like noon. There were only 7 people already waiting there. So I sat right between them. We were right where the celebrities get out of their cars. I made friends with the four girls that were to my left. They were all really nice. I'm going to meet them at the Glee premiere. We waited for over 6 hours for RYAN REYNOLD's!! He was one of the last celebs to arrive....and the crowd went WILD, including me! I NEEDED a picture! Never got a picture or autograph :( He wasn't really signing Green Lantern stuff I noticed so did other people. Jason Bateman also showed up, Olivia Wilde!, Leslie Mann, even the little kids who starred in the movie showed up! It was pretty awesome!!!!  So after the stars were pretty much towards the end of the carpet taking pictures for the press and media....We waited like 10 minutes after and all the fans and crowd was pretty much gone....and another black car showed up....I was so excited to see who was going to jump out! and....Sandra Bullock jumped out of the backseat! HOLY SHIT! My heart DROPPED! I had to think for a second...is this really Sandra Bullock!...one of the top actresses!? She looked right into my eyes! We called her over but she just smiled and walked down the carpet and took a few pictures with Ryan Reynold's. I was absolutely Starstruck! I didn't get any autographs, but Sandra Bullock totally made my night. Oh my god! So exciting! I headed home back to North Hollywood, at like 9 at night. Had to get off the bus on Hollywood Blvd. and OMG this city NEVER sleeps! There was still so much going on! I NEVER see Hollywood ever NOT busy!

Here's some pictures from the "Change Up" Premiere

 The Change Up premiere in Westwood.

 Stepped on the RED carpet for the first time EVER! AHHH!

 All the stars walk down the Carpet towards this way, and all the media and the press will be on the left.

 Leslie Mann!

 The gorgeous Olivia Wilde!

Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynold's posing for pictures

 Standing in front of the red carpet!

 Christine one of the people I met! Hugging Ryan Reynold's was one of the things she wanted to do before she dies!

Sandra & Ryan talking.

THE Sandra Bullock!(: made my night seeing her! AHHHHH! 

Saw so many amazing actors & actresses today. They truly are talented. The next premiere is the Glee premiere this Saturday. Lets hope I have better luck with autographs! (:

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  1. The unnamed blonde in the purple dress is Mircea Monroe. Amongst other roles, she was "Sarah Marshall" in "The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It". ;)