Wednesday, August 3, 2011

People really DON'T know how to MATCH!

Went to Hollywood today to just relax and work on my blog. Sat outside drinking a Starbucks and on the computer, and people watching.(: Some weirdo sat by me at Starbucks, and he was so annoying! UGHHH! Like PLEASE STOP hitting your soda bottle on the chair it's annoying! Some people really just know that their annoying! He kept getting up and smoking cigarettes! YUCK! After Hollywood I head to start heading to work in North Hollywood. Work went by SUPER fast because it was so busy. While waiting for one of the busses this Asian lady, I swear doesn't know how to match! Did she get dressed in the dark!? And she was wearing gloves, it was like 80 degrees today! GLOVES!? Really!?!?!
This is HORRIBLE!! What is this world turning into!?! I want to THROW up every time I look at this picture! What was this woman thinking?

& GLOVES!?!?!

 Hardcore LAKERS fan!

Always seeing interesting people on the bus!

I hiked this hill up to Sunset Blvd....It was disastrous! It was HORRIBLE!I was exhausted! It's one of the BIGGEST hills in California, I swear! ehh! My legs are still sore! NEVER AGAIN! I'll pay someone to drive me up this hill! What a nightmare!

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