Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NOOO! I'm NOT taking a ride from you!

Another BUSY day in California! Im so exhausted! This is such an exhausting city! I'm always doing  something! Never just sitting at home! I went to Hollywood blvd. when I woke up. And I swear, I was trying to take the bus to the Grove....and they were setting up for a movie premiere, so the WHOLE street was closed! I had to catch the bus from somewhere else! Went to the Grove and ate lunch outside there. It's such a great relaxing area. I love it there, it's probably one of my favorite places! Went back to Hollywood after and went to Starbucks, and went on the computer. Went to work at 5, and got home at like 11. The bus was so slow! I almost missed my second bus because it's so slow! I HATE the bus! I'm laying in my bed right now with sore feet from all the walking I've been doing. In the way home, some guy pulled over to the said of the curb, and asked me if I wanted a ride....NOOOO! My mom taught me NOT to take rides from strangers! NEVER! & in California !? Absolutely NOT!

The Premiere that was going on at the El Captain theatre.

Bailey sent me this picture of Gloria & Stephanie(: Miss everyone at the Scrapbook store!

Had to have a special Starbucks drink before work! 

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