Friday, August 5, 2011

CRAZY ASIAN! Stealing Starbucks!

Went to Hollywood Blvd. and Sunset Blvd. today before work. Had a coffee at Starbucks, and relaxed and went on my macbook. Took some pictures of myself...(: The people are really starting to know me at that Starbucks(: I would much rather go to the one on sunset. than the ones on Hollywood Blvd. those ones are so crazy! They aren't as friendly, and NOT fast at all cause it's so BUSY! I got a water to go at Starbucks like makes me thirsty! I went to the bus stop, and put my water next to some flowers so it was out of the sun. And this CRAZY looking asian guy (wearing, short shorts!) was eyeing up my water!....He didn't notice I put it there, he must of thought it was someone else's. He walked around the bush picked it up and started drinking it! I was in absolute SHOCK! I couldn't even process what was happening! Whatever he took my water....but he DRANK someones water that he just found next to a bush!?!?! Who does that!? If I was dying a thirst, and REALLY needing water, I would still NEVER do that! GROSS...YUCK!...WEIRD PEOPLE! Still can't stop thinking about it!Went back to Hollywood blvd. after....stopped at a flatbread place for lunch, and then went to a place called "Fresh & Easy." You check out your stuff on your own, and they had a bunch a fresh fruits and veggies. I got a smoothie and it was super good! Talked to my mom on the phone and she tried one of my NEW favorite Starbucks drinks, and loved it! Had to go to work after all my adventures in the morning. Forgot to post this yesterday, but someone started the garbage can on fire two days in a row! Only at a Target in California would someone do this! I told the people who were putting the fire out....."You don't see stuff like this in Wisconsin!" Took the bus back home. I decided to see if I could beat the bus for my last bus ride, and I did! The bus can be so SLOW! I beat the bus! :P I just walked the rest of the way home.

Im going to try and find the Beverly Center one of these days......SHOPPING! (:

Kellan Tweeted me today! He's awesome!

Hollywood/Highland Subway...always take.

Really Wanna see Smurfs!

REALLY!?!?! What are you wearing? 

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  1. A few things...#1 go to college your grammer is awful! #2 love the guys outfit. #3 the Starbucks drink was good, love is a strong word. #4 love and miss you.