Friday, August 5, 2011

BLACK men selling CD's!

Worked at 11 this morning. Boy did I have a LONG day! I'm exhausted! I went to a donut shop right by Target before I started work. I got chocolate donuts with chocolate milk! I had chocolate ALL over my face! It was absolutely disastrous! Went into work, and had to RUN to the bathroom to make sure I didn't have chocolate all over my face! I had a good day at work, only worked 4 hours today. I had to fill out my tax information and signed up for direct deposit. I guess I have to keep in eye out for being double taxed on my checks. They said that they had a team member who came from the east coast, and they were being taxed twice, from California and Maryland! When I got out of work I went to Hollywood Blvd, and took the bus to Santa Monica & Fairfax, and went to the whole foods to get dinner. There's always a bunch of black men handing out CD's an excepting "donations." It's so ANNOYING! If I wanted to buy one of your CDs I would approach you myself! And the Barney thats on that street really NEEDS a new costume, cause it's super run down and GROSS! I came home kind of early today, because I've been out and about since day one here! I came home to my care package from my mom! Looked at all the stuff that was in it then fell asleep! I got magazines, subway gift card, a few cards from people, my mail with my Starbucks GOLD CARD, an autograph that I received in the mail, a check from my old Target, more clothes, popcorn, and tuna.....I got so much great stuff in my package!

I'm meeting some people at the Glee premiere in Westwood tomorrow morning, super early in the morning to get good seats! I would love to meet the cast of Glee. I'll blog about it tomorrow!(:

MCDonald's on Hollywood Blvd. YUCK!

This guy is always on Hollywood Blvd. & he usually holds this sign and jumps at at people! It's SCARY!

This car was turning onto Hollywood Blvd. They were blasting Michael Jackson music.

Who has that much JUNK in their car and on it! How trashy!

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