Sunday, August 7, 2011

World Premiere of GLEE!

What an amazing, incredible day I had in LA today! This city freckin ROCKS! WOW!....Went to the Glee Premiere. Met 3 of my new friends that I met recently, at 6 am in Westwood for the premiere.  You weren't suppose to line up until 10 am, but people started lining up anyways! Some people got there at 10 pm last night! That's NUTS! We waited until like 10ish to get wrist bands to determine where we were being seated by the red carpet. About 500 people showed up this morning! We were the second row from the barricade! Wasn't to worried cause everyone was really nice and agreed to switch up front to get autographs and pictures. The starts didn't start arriving until like 7 pm! It was absolutely amazing! The stars started showing up, and I spotted Perez Hilton straight across from me! AHHHH! I kept snapping pictures of him! The first people to arrive were Kendal & Kylie Jenner! I was pretty much peeing myself! They walked the carpet and went straight to the booth where Ryan Seacrest does interviewing. Those girls are super tall!'s crazy how tall they are! Rebecca Black also showed up! I wanted a picture with her, but didn't have the chance to get one! :P Pretty much the WHOLE Glee cast showed up! Jane Lynch was not there and Matthew Morrison was unable to attend cause he was filming. I got a bunch of autographs! Still can't believe that I have Lea Michelle's autograph! Kathy Griffin also showed up on the red carpet! That's when I went absolutely CRAZY! I was yelling and screaming for her to come over! But she didn't come by anyone! She just walked like a Diva down the time!....I will find her! Then as the stars entered the theatre. They announced that we were all attending the premiere!! They started handing out tickets! and 3D glasses! We were watching the movie with ALL the stars!! (: I still couldn't believe that it was happening! They also were handing out popcprn and free drinks! The movie was great! I'm really not a Glee fan, but I think this movie made me want to watch the television series! I Saw the Los Angeles WORLD PREMIERE  of GLEE! It was a great experience and attending a LA movie premiere was on my Bucket List, and it HAPPENED!!!!! After the movie the black cars and SUV's started arriving to pick the stars up. We were pretty much exiting the theatre with the stars!.....Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Mark Salling....It felt like a dream! I love my celebrities!...and I was surrounded by them!

I had such an amazing day today! Saw so many great people and had a good time with my new friends I met(: LA is the perfect place for me! I love it! Attending a movie premiere!? CRAZY.
Check out all the pictures I took! & my autographs!(:

Perez Hilton! I WILL become him someday!

Chord Overstreet.


 Mark Salling.

Chris Colfer.


 What a DIVA!

WORLD PREMIERE of GLEE 3D! in Los Angeles.

 Cory Monteith.

Cory was very friendly to all the fans, signed everything and took tons of pictures. And he's super tall!

West LA.

Perez Hilton! Were going to be taking over soon....!

Kendall & Kylie Jenner (walking towards where Ryan Seacrest is going to interview them.)

Once again amazing night. And got a bunch of autographs!

Thats right! Got all these autographs today!


  1. Serial I am SO jealous of you. I'm so happy that you just picked up and went to Cali because honestly you are making your dreams come true. WORLD PREMIERE! How crazy that you were sitting in the same movie with all the stars getting free frickin' popcorn. Small steps will get you there (aka Perez Hilton)

    So let's discuss. Did Kathy Griffin seem to come off as too good for the fans? Or just a diva but still respectable? I would have pinned her as one to sign tons of autographs and take even more pictures with fans. That baffles me she just walked by.

  2. Sounds like a great time and I have no doubt you will be the next Perez!

  3. Ming, that was awesome that I was able to see the movie with the Stars! I couldn't even concentrate on the movie! I was to worried about who the stars were that were around me! Well, Kathy was Kathy....She does love all of her fans. But she did walk down the Carpet as a diva! She really didn't even look at the fans! I mean she had to see out of the corner of her eye, a red head screaming her name and trying to climb over the barricade! Maybe she didn't want to take away the excitement from the Glee cast? Now that I think about it....I only remember the Glee cast signing....The Jenner's didn't come by people either...Maybe they weren't aloud?..Anyways, next time I run into Kathy, I will be letting her know what's up!!

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome time! So jealous....

  5. Morgan it was totally awesome! I live for this kind of stuff!

  6. Finally catching up on your postings. How awesome that you got to attend a premier. Sounds like you're living your dream. You made my week.