Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tweet from Kat Von D! & Perez Yesterday!

Slept in today because I was exhausted from a 12 hour day at the Glee premiere! I ended up walking home from the Subway cause the busses were no longer running at 11 at night! You would think they would still be running, I mean this is LA! One of the busiest cities. I walked home at 1 am! Really didn't run into any creeps!..I stepped in dog crap on the way home and left my house keys just in the door over night!?!? I got so distracted with the dog crap that I just left the keys in the door! How embarrassing! After the premiere last night, I tweeted Perez telling him "that it was so nice to meet him." And he tweeted me back :D I'm trying to get him to feature me on his site! (: That would be great! "Skinny white boy moves  from Wisconsin to LA, and is working his way up to stardom!" That would be totally amazing! It's gunna happen! I'm going to make it happen! Kat Von D also tweeted me back today! I love getting tweets from celebs. Wish I could see her at her shop. When I went there she wasn't there... 
After work I went home, and started blogging it up and posting more pictures from last night on facebook. Just found out a few more people will be in the LA area, and were going to meet up! 

When I ran into Perez Yesterday...He told me I should wear sunscreen next time!(: haha. I told him that I just moved here from Wisconsin & we don't see the sun there!