Monday, August 8, 2011

White & GOOPY!? GROSS!

Had another eventful day at Target.....some guy asked me if I've been wearing sunscreen cause of my face. It actually is pretty red. But anyways I said No, and he asked if I've been at the beach? I was like No. I was  in Westwood! He said I hate wearing sunscreen,! It's all WHITE & GOOPY! GROSS! & then he was like & "its NOT the good kind of white and GOOPY!" That is sick! How gross! Really dude! Your gunna say something like that out loud? KEEP it to yourself! OMG! I was like vomiting in people's food after that! YUCK! After Target I went to West Hollywood to go to a Starbuck there, and sit outside on my ipad. Met a really nice girl that moved here 2 months ago from the east coast. We were talking about how different it is here compared to other places. I mean there really is no other city like Los Angeles! We were talking about creeps we have run into. She works at "Crunch" which is a gym on sunset Blvd. A bunch of celebs workout there, so I had to ask her who she's seen? Dane Cook, the mom from "Everybody loves Raymond," and a few others. Will Smith has actually worked out there to prepare for one of his movie roles.

And currently trying to figure out by everything on my computer is ZOOMED in SO MUCH! I can't even see what I'm doing! It's really getting on my nerves! Right now I'm Skyping Meriah, and we totally did some damage on Bailey's facebook wall! She probably won't find out until she comes to visit me! (:

I work at 4 tomorrow, I'm probably going to West LA before work(: I really am living the dream!

By the way, I thought I would let everyone know that this Louis Vuitton bag is a total FAKE! NOT REAL AT ALL!(: #justsayin

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