Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I run into the weirdest people!, I swear! They have the CRAZIEST people in Los Angeles! GEEZ! I woke up at like 10ish, got ready and headed to Hollywood. I was going to go to the Grove in West LA, you know me, I probably would have been late for work! I didn't want to push it! I went and got one of my new favorite Starbucks drinks. I got a Java Chip frappacino, with white mocha instead of the regular mocha! It kind of tastes like cookies and cream, with some coffee in it! It's absolutely delicious, you have to try it! My mom isn't a big Starbucks drinker, but she does like this one! I walked around Hollywood for a little and got lunch at Chipotle on Hollywood & Vine. While walking around Hollywood I always see the CRAZIEST characters! I saw a BIG BIRD today, this was a first! I've never seen BIG BIRD roaming the streets of Hollywood! On the way to work I was taking the subway from Hollywood & Vine to Hollywood & Highland. This black man had two iphones, one in each hand and was dancing and recording himself! He was singing, rapping, and dancing on the subway, people were looking at me and he was really entertaining the old people! I wish you guys could have seen their faces! They just thought he was the coolest thing ever! He had really big lips! I had to mention that. Walked home after work and beat the bus! Take that BUS! I'm much faster than you! SUCK IT! The bus is so slow on the main street here!

The BIG BIRD roaming around Hollywood 

Project Runway Judge Heidi Klum.

My new favorite Starbucks drink. 

A picture of me going to the Subway.

While I was walking down Vine street, I received this picture message from my babysitter, when I was younger. This is one CRAZY looking bluetooth! I guess it also had a CRAZY OBNOXIOUS flashing blue light on it too! I would NEVER wear that thing places? He must really be taking some important calls!?....OPRAH!


  1. Someday when I am rich, famous and important I will have an awesome bluetooth like that too for all of my phonecalls! Everyone was staring at this guy and he probably thought we were all looking at how awesome he was. Little did he know we just couldn't stop staring because he looked ridiculous. Maybe it was a long range bluetooth that reached his phone at home...

  2. thats CRAZY! I would NEVER wear something like that out! I wouldn't even wear something like that at home!