Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PULL your pants UP!

What a great day today I had in LA! I woke up pretty early to go meet friend's that I worked with at Target in Wisconsin, and met someone new(: I went to Santa Monica where they're staying, and met them on the Santa Monica Pier, and then we took the bus back towards Hollywood. We stopped at Beverly Hills on the way. I showed them Rodeo Drive, and the Beverly Hills area. We went in a few of the stores; Louis Vuitton (my favorite) I had to ask about something that I'm planning on purchasing, but they were out of stock! We went in Dior, Chanel, Versace, coach....I had to PEE super bad, and the bathroom in Chanel said it was out of order? But why? looked fine to me! So i used there bathroom and what a clean bathroom it was! It even had Chanel paper towels and Chanel perfume you could use. When I left the bathroom the guy who worked there looked a little irritated that I used it! But I had to go! The bathroom was fine! it wasn't out of order! :p We went to one of my favorite Starbucks in Beverly Hills, and boy was it busy! It's usually not that busy at that Starbucks! Then we jumped back on the bus, asked some mexican lady if it was the right bus to where we were going and she didn't speak english! ohh geez! Then when were were waiting for our second bus some crazy guy approached me, saying things I couldn't even understand! He was yelling and talking all crazy! I just ignored him! Then he went to yell at others waiting for the bus! And......*tears* he pulled down his pants!!!! WTF!? GROSS! Good thing I saw nothing!! How gross! He's going this right on the street! It was something that YOU will NEVER see in Wisconsin! Then we took the bus to Hollywood...Showed them around and told them everything I possible know about Hollywood! I really wish I had some sort of guide showing me around and how to get places!...they had it easy! :p We ran into many crazy characters on Hollywood Blvd. saw a number of "can" collectors numerous times! We went in many shops too. I've never really gone in any of those shops before, a few maybe. We went in MANY wig shops, and boy are those wig shops creepy! all those faces looking at you!! CREEPY! You weren't aloud to take pictures in there at all, but I did!(: why can't you take pictures in the wig shop? What's the big deal?! After our exciting day I told them one last time where the second bus that had to take home was. I jumped on the subway and started heading home. My feet hurt so bad today, I've been walking so much! Bailey is going to be exhausted when she comes! I'm going to MAKE her exhausted, cause were going everywhere possible!....including the Los Angeles zoo!

Went in Dior & found this $6,900 dollar blanket! HOLY COW! It was the softest blanket I have ever felt though!

Had to take pictures in the bathroom at Chanel! You guys know you secretly take pictures of your selves in the bathroom mirror!...YOU JUST WON'T admit it! :p

Chanel Paper towels! Stole one!(:

The Creepy wig shop on Hollywood Blvd. where you couldn't take pictures!?

This OUTTA control black man preaching!

Today was the Final Destination movie premiere. They had a black carpet!
Love this little saying that I spotted in Juicy Couture! "It's exhausting being this JUICY!"

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