Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Captain America Premiere! CHRIS EVAN'S!

Worked at Target kind of early today. 10 am! I had to get up at 8! I'm NOT a morning person! I'm more alive at NIGHT! Target went well, met more people there, all of them are really nice. And I love that we have a Starbucks there! I got 2 today! YUM! I got out of work at 3, and headed over to Hollywood blvd, for the Captain America Premiere. This was my first time going to a premiere! They BLOCKED over the whole street for this premiere! I mean it is the first showing in the world! So it's a pretty BIG deal! The carpet was red, white and blue, matching the theme of the movie. They had barricades blocking off all the sidewalks. TONS and TONS of fans and tourists were piling up against the barricades! I looked around and decided where I wanted to go, and the spot I picked was swarmed with Paparazzi! So looks like I picked a pretty good spot! I wanted to go near a palm tree too, because people get NUTS! A lot of the stars that walked the carpet, I really didn't know, but they were staring in the movie, so I snapped pictures anyways. But other's that walked the carpet were...Jesse Metcalfe, Samuel L. Jackson, Idris Elba, Francia Raisa (life of an American Teenager), Chris Evan's, Chris Hemsworth, Original Captain America, Kevin Smith and "90210" star "Matt Lanter." I had so much fun seeing all the stars! I loved all the flashes as they walked down the carpet! I LIVE for this stuff! I was there for like 4 hours waiting to see everyone.
 Jesse Metcalfe.

 Chris Hemsworth. 

 Jesse Metcalfe, signed for fans & took pictures. 

 Star of "Life of an American Teenager"

 Samuel L. Jackson also attended the premiere, but didn't sign any autographs.

 Chris Evan's! Star of the movie! Only signed 4 autographs!

 Disney channel star.

 Idris Elba was in "Obsessed" with Beyonce!
Signed autographs.

 Met the Original Captain America!
Took a TON of pictures with fans!

 THE Robert Downey Jr!

 Matt Lanter, star of 90210

 Miss USA & Miss California 

Kevin Smith "Jay & Silent Bob" was also in a couple Degrassi the next generation episodes. 

Had so much fun at this premiere! I LOVED seeing all the stars on the carpet! It was FRECKIN awesome! I've been running into the CRAZY autograph collectors all the places that I have been going now! All these autograph collectors that I have read about online, I am now seeing them in person! It's so weird! I absolutely  love LA. This is where it's at!(:

please leave comments if you know who some of the people are that I didn't label! Thanks guys!


  1. Those are so great photos. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. It was SO MUCH FUN! This isn't the last premiere I will be going to!