Monday, July 18, 2011

My experience at Target!

Today was a pretty exhausting day! I worked 8 hours at target in food ave. I already have met more people. Everyone is super nice there! I got a Starbucks before work today! MMMMM! I love being able to smell Starbucks coffee while I'm at work! Food ave. is right next to Starbucks. So I went on my first break. I went to go get stuff out of my locker. Okay, this is how the lockers  work... You pick a random locker, you stick your stuff in it, & you make up your own code every time. So I get to the room FULL of lockers, 3 walls COVERED in lockers! & what did I forget!?!?!?! I forgot my locker number! I had NO clue where my locker was! So I had to go through every locker punching in my password, to see if they would open! How EMBARRASSING! People kept coming in and out! and I'm there trying to open ALL the lockers! OMG! What a disaster! Finally I found it! I'll NEVER forget locker 37 NOW! It turned out that the locker was on the opposite wall that I thought it was on, and towards the TOP! And I thought it was towards the bottom! I swear I'll NEVER forget my locker number EVER again after that whole ordeal! I got out of work at 9:30. The bus took FOREVER! OMG! The bus on Laurel Canyon is SO SLOW! I just wanted to scream! I waited an hour for the bus to come! And this is a main street!

Working again tomorrow at 10. Then going to the Captain America movie premiere to see what celebs I can stalk tomorrow! Chris Evans stars in the movie so I'm pretty sure he'll show up! I'll post all the details tomorrow night! :D

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