Sunday, July 17, 2011

Man who kept removing his FAKE teeth!

The Laugh Factory in Sunset Blvd.

Went to the Sunset strip today before I started work at Target. I went to El Polo Loco, which is a much better version of Taco Bell. (And its one of Brad Pitt's favorite places to go eat at.) Then I went to get a drink at Starbucks. I left Sunset Blvd three hours before I started work at Target. On the way to the North Hollywood station the man on the subway had his eyes shut, and he was moving his whole upper FAKE teeth in  and out of his mouth! YUCK! Keep those things in! That's absolutely disgusting! I swear I run into the weirdest people in California! I left my house an hour before work. The Target is pretty close, it's probably about 3 miles away. My first bus stop was no the main street and it's probably THE SLOWEST bus in California! I waited there for 40 minutes! The frecking bus finally came! Then I still had to go onto another bus! I was worrying cause it's my first day of work at Target and I'm already late! I got on that bus at 4:00 and I was starting work at 4:00!!!! I called one of my bosses to let her know that I was running late. But, she already left! So I was thinking that nobody would notice! I was like RUNNING in the store! and thats something you don't see me doing often! Someone showed me where to go and I met their HR. (Human Resources.) She told me where I will be working. I talked to a few of the team members letting them know that I was from Wisconsin. BOY is that Target BUSY! We had ONE person in food ave. at the Target in New Berlin. This Target has 2-3 people! So I jumped in right away, and did the things I knew. Then she left me on her break, I was ALL by myself!!! I was a little worried cause it was my first day there, and they have a pizza hut I had to handle! AHHHH! I went on my break as soon as she got back.  One lady told me that this Target has people from all over.....New York...Boston....Ohio. Then one lady asked if I spoke spanish, cause she said this is like MEXICO!! I was a little worried! after she told me that! As I was walking home, i passed a man who was pouring his bottle of vodka in a water bottle!!! YA DRUNK! Hiding it from your wife?! What an alcoholic!

I'll find out tomorrow the days that I'll be working at Target. I really like that Target, it's pretty diverse!

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