Saturday, July 16, 2011

LA Ink. & West Hollywood

Woke up pretty late today, like noon! I've done so much already, I was super exhausted! Walked through the tree nursery to get to the bus stop. I went and got lunch at subway which is just off of Hollywood & Highland and it was nice cause it wasn't that busy! I do love my tuna subs! Oh yeah, almost forgot! While I was waiting at the bus stop this little MONSTER (kid) kept running around me in circles! I think kids can just tell that I don't like them! Then on the bus some old man was like jamming his bags up my butt! Like can you please wait until this bus stops, to start walking to the exit! RUUUUUUDE! Some people just don't have manners! I mean really?! Sticking your bags up my butt! Then I hopped on the bus and started my way towards the Beverly Hills library. I asked the bus driver for help with directions and she was so rude! I asked her if we were approaching San Vincente street soon, and she said, "It's in a few stops.' Guess what? It never was!!! So I got off and took the bus back to where I was going. On the bus towards Hollywood and Orange, We passed LA Ink!!!! So I pressed the button to get off! I had to go in LA Ink! This is Kat Von D's shop. They had a ton of t-shirts for sale and signed books.

Kat Von D's shop! LA Ink!! 
I've been to Miami Ink, & NOW LA Ink! (:

While walking towards LA Ink I passed this luggage chained to a poll!!! WHAT?! Only in LA do people do weird things like this!

Okay, you guys are never going to believe me!...But I ran into that one Hooker that I saw on the subway a few times a ago, for the THIRD time! She was walking down Hollywood & Vine! I also saw the person who was begging me for money in front of CBS studios a few days ago. 

AS I started walking towards Cold Stone!....I was passing these people that were preaching! uhhh! Do NOT preach to me! They were all asians singing about god, and trying to hand out papers to me saying "JESUS LOVES YOU!" They kept singing! with microphones! Leave me alone! I was talking on the phone with someone and I had such a hard time hearing them because of these preachers! 

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