Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Favs!

By far my favorite celebrity photos of 2013! I swear I wish I could relive some of these moments! I really wish people could experience some of the things I have experienced and seen in LA. Some of the times are indescribable, I did my best with short captions under each photo(:

Khloe Kardashian @ Katy Perry's concert! 
 Ran into drunk Tara Reid on Sunset! "Hurry lets take the picture!" (As the Jedward brothers were chatting with us.) 
 Finally Dexter!!!!! FINALLY! Beyond a nice guy. 
KStew.....I smell alcohol and Cigarettes. 

 5 minutes chatting with Lindsay Lohan on the streets of NYC? I wish people knew how sweet she really is, and how many lies the tabloids make up about her. 
 "WILL, WILL, WILL, Mister Smith!" I thought he was going to get away from me! But he came right towards me and was ready to take pictures! 
 Well thanks to Jennifer's driver that didn't speak english for taking this picture! :P 
 Didn't even ask to take a photo....she insisted no lie! 5 minutes with Gaga, the things people would do in the world for a 5 minute meet and greet with Mother Monster. 
 Ummm, Jim Carey tried avoiding taking a picture until my friend asked if he could smile with his mouth shout! (To avoid giving away the big reveal that he was filming dumb and dumber.) 
 Angel Selena!!!! "CUUUUTE." 
 Taylor always always always fan friendly. 
 My favorite 1D member!!! It only took flying to NYC to meet Zayn! 
 "Holy Shit Kim, long time no see stranger!" Kim replied, "Niko how are youuuu!" I think I peed myself this day. 
How can youuu not like being papped with Paris and River!! River goes, "There he is!" 

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