Wednesday, March 14, 2012

21 Jump Street Premiere

Met friends in Hollywood this morning for the 21 Jump Street Premiere! I really wanted autographs from Channing Tatum! I have met Channing before but I only got a picture that time no autographs, I wasn't planning on seeing him the time I did. I hung out with friends while waiting for the celebs to arrive. It felt like I got something to eat like a MILLION times! I was so hungry!...I'm never that hungry! I even got COLD STONE! YUM! I love the Ice cream there! It was around 6:30 I think....and the guests starting arriving. One of the first guests was Richard Grieco, he was in the original 21 Jump Street. Richard was very nice and signed for fans, seriously though, people were SCREAMING for him and going crazy and they didn't even know who he was! Like...really tourists? Really!? These tourists thought they were going to PUSH themselves up in front of me to get an autograph...ummm...NOO! Nice try though(: If your going to come to a premiere to get autographs you need to come early! I really don't care if your a little kid!...your NOT getting in front of me! Just Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum signed autographs.

After the movie started we headed over to the after party. I didn't get an autographs from Channing before the movie started. We waited outside the after party and sure enough, they arrived and signed! Channing is ALWAYS super nice! Jenna was really nice too! I was really the only person that wanted her to sign my "Step Up" DVD. She signed it then we went to take a photo.....I took a video of us!! I checked my photo later, and it was a FRECKIN video! Hahahaha. Thats embarrassing! Oh time Jenna(: I was happy to get my "Step Up" DVD signed by both Channing & Jenna though(: I was also able to get Ice Cubes autograph. He was acting a little odd, but whatever I got his autograph, the photo is from "Are we there yet?" 

Here's a few of my autographs that I got from tonight. Jonah Hill's autograph is so crappy! Really Jonah?!
Two of my favorite things...Starbucks & Hollywood(: 

Not the best picture of me & Channing Tatum! I look gross! This picture is from another event a couple of months ago! Channing Tatum is a little camera WHORE, look at him take up this WHOLE picture! 

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