Thursday, March 15, 2012


I was able to sleep in again today! There was a Channing Tatum event that I was going to but it was in the valley near where I live so I didn't have to leave 10 million hours early for it. I love when they actually have events in the valley, I don't have to travel far to get there and I can get some extra sleep(: Channing Tatum was in LA promoting his new movie 21 Jump Street. I waited for Channing to leave the event. He was more than happy to sign autographs and take pictures! This is my third or fourth time seeing Channing and he is ALWAYS so nice! I asked him if he could sign my photos & movies and he did. I then asked if we could take a photo for INSTAGRAM! You guys all know that Instagram is one of the iphone apps and it's my new obsession! It's fun posting JUST photos and liking peoples photos. I'm addicted, I'm always doing it! We took our photo and it turned out perfect!! I love the photo! I posted a photo yesterday of us that we took a few months ago, and I looked so gross in it! This photo of us looks MUCH better! I love that whenever there are fans waiting for Channing he always takes the time for his fans! ALWAYS! He's a true, REAL person! He's not at all one of these FAKE Hollywood people!

Thanks for all the autographs Channing! My movies are signed! :D

Look at this ZOO! This was some sports player! His car was MOBBED! It was CRAZY! Someone almost got ran over! He did sign autographs though! 

Later tonight I headed over to Will Farrell's movie premiere in Hollywood. I had a few photos that I wanted him to sign. I thought I would go to the premiere hoping that he would possibly sign autographs. As we were waiting for the guests to arrive to the premiere, sure enough Kirsten Dunst walks right by us on Hollywood Blvd!  One photographer noticed her and started taking photos of her, then a few other photographers came out of nowhere and started photographing her. As soon as I saw them, I sprinted over by them walking down the Boulevard! I took a few photos, I would've gotten a picture with her but she didn't want to take photos or sign autographs. 
Will Farrell is an odd one! He just acts odd. He totally ignored the fans! I wasn't expecting to get a bunch of autographs but I thought I would try it out. Yeah didn't get any! I'm probably going to have these photos forever!! :P I was thinking about going to the after party for the premiere to see if I could get autographs there....but I had a long day, I just left. Got to go! Posting photos on INSTAGRAM! (:

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