Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Miss Osbourne- HOOK ME UP!

Very busy day in Hollywood!! Got up and headed to an event in Hollywood. The band members from Motley Crue & KISS were going to be there. I managed to get an autograph from Nikki Sixx. He has some WILD hair! He stepped out of his black Bentley and started walking into the event. Both me and my friend got autographs. The KISS people showed up too in their costumes! I didn't think they were actually going to come in those! I also was able to meet Kelly Osbourne! I recognized her voice right away! I was like wait...thats Kelly! I said hi to her and asked her who her favorite Kardashian is. Kelly said that her favorite one was Kim! She said that she's the closest to Kim out of all three sisters. I told her Kim was my favorite too! Kelly was super nice, I would love to have her job! Working for E! going on all those red carpets!? I also got a photo with George Lopez! I went right up to him and said, "Mister Lopez!, do you mind if we take a photo together!?" He had his sunglasses on at first we took the photo...well I thought I was taking a was a video! This is the second time this has happened to me! I then fixed my camera to retake it, he patiently waited, saying "no problem." George Lopez is a very nice guy. He took his sunglasses off in the second photo(:

After that event I headed to work in the valley. I rushed out of Hollywood and headed to work! I had such an eventful day! I was pretty exhausted when I got home from work! I sure did get a lot of color too, and I really wasn't in the sun that much!

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