Tuesday, March 20, 2012

American Reunion

Today was the premiere of  "American Reunion" in Hollywood! This actually wasn't the first premiere that they had, they also had a viewing in Australia a couple of days ago. Out of all the premieres I have been to this is one of the nicest casts! They were all so nice to the fans! I mean Alyson Hannigan is pregnant and she still signed autographs! She was more than happy to sign! Jason Biggs was also very nice! I took a photo with him, but right when it took he looked down! DAMN IT! He's a really outgoing guy, he liked all the attention! Sean William Scott also signed autographs and took some photos. The cast was so nice, they are all very friendly and actually interact with the fans(:

 Alyson Hannigan...pregnant and still signs autographs for fans(: 

 Mister Jason Biggs!
 Errrr. Right when I took the photo he looked down! Next time....
As I was waiting for the after party to begin, who was on her way to it!? Stacey Farber from DEGRASSI! I love that show! I was not expecting to see her at all! She's pretty in person and has red hair(: Gotta love the gingers. The Degrassi cast all lives in Canada so it's not that easy trying to meet them. I guess Stacey said that she was visiting LA for awhile. A few of the stars just walked to the after party because it was nearby. As they were walking, they were mobbed by autographers, photo-op people and photographers! It did get a little crazy! I was just happy that I was able to meet Stacey from Degrassi, that totally made my night.

Didn't stay much longer in Hollywood. It was starting to get cold! Way to cold, I couldn't handle it! I heard Miley Cyrus was nearby but it was to cold to be chasing Miley around. I headed back home to the valley! I was craving cookies! As soon as I got home I had some chocolate chip cookies! (:

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