Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Kim Kardashian.....I'm absolutely in love with this woman! She is absolutely one of the sweetest people ever! Kim Kardashian made an appearance in LA this morning. I was there(: If there's a Kardashian event I'll be there! Kim was looking absolutely flawless like usual! She was kind enough to sign autographs for us. I was one of the REAL fans there, there were a few autograph dealers. We took a photo together and her assistant took the photo....the photo turned out perfect! There was NO sun in the photo this time because I was practically in her car! The photo I got last time turned out okay....but the sun totally wrecked it! I talked to Kim and asked her about the NEW DASH location here in LA. I asked if it was going to be on Robertson Blvd or Melrose Ave, because that's where they were looking. Kim told me that  it's on Beverly! I'm beyond excited about the store opening! The Kardashian brand just keeps expanding! I then asked if she could sign my magazine and my photo with me and her! She personalized my photo(: She said that she wanted to sign recent photos, well I had some of the most recent things! She also signed my "ALLURE" magazine, it's the MARCH issue! I was just yapping away to Kim, I mean she's my idol, she means the world to me! Right after meeting her I sent her a tweet thanking her for the photo and autographs! She replied like 2 minutes after I met her! DAMN KIMMIE! You sure love your fans, and seeing my tweet out of all of those followers!! 14 MILLION! 

I also wanted to say CONGRATS to my sister Bailey who lives in Wisconsin. She just informed me this morning that she got accepted into the Army! Kind of shocked that she made this decision but I support her 100%!  This sounds like an adventurous journey. 

This black and white photo of us is signed and personalized to me! It's hard to see in this photo though. This is going on my wall! Thanks Kim! 

WOW! When my iphone vibrated my heart dropped! I was beyond thrilled that KIM KARDASHIAN saw my tweet! Seriously after 2 minutes meeting her she sent this tweet! She has no idea how much she made my day! This tweet and photo with her means so much to me! Love you Kimmie! 

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