Thursday, March 8, 2012


Feeling tired!...had a pretty long day today! I got up.... slept in because I stayed up until 3 am last night  :D I headed to Costco to pick up some photos for a few upcoming events and premieres. More photos to get autographed! :) I have met Channing Tatum before and he's a really nice guy but I don't have any autographs from him yet! I randomly ran into him before so I didn't have any photos or movies to get signed! I am now prepared and have a bunch of things! I have movies, magazines and photos! Channing is going to be in a couple upcoming movies so I thought I would get all my Channing things together! I went to pick up my photos...they placed them on the counter to scan had a BIG stamp on the envelope in red, "COPYRIGHT ISSUE, NEEDS RELEASE!" Good thing the guy who was checking me out didn't even notice so he didn't question my photos. I think he saw it, but just didn't say anything. I really didn't want to sign a bunch of paperwork!

Target went by fast today. We had a couple interesting guests though, that were out shopping and getting coffee at Starbucks. One 60 year old guy was flirting with me, asking about my personal life, and asking me what I look for in a soul mate!! CREEPER! That's super creepy, I don't even know you!! YUCK! Who does that!? He just wouldn't stop looking at me! Then this guy came in asking for pizza at the end of the night when we were closing! He wanted me to go in the garbage and get him a pizza!!!....ummmm...NO! Then he went around to Starbucks and was asking to have apple juice and bottled drinks!...he said that he would pay for it tomorrow! SECURITY! I really don't mess around with creepers! I call someone over right away! If your making me or someone else uncomfortable, I'm calling security over!! But still had an eventful day at went by fast!

Thought I would post this Snooki photo. Snooki is on on the cover of US WEEKLY announcing her pregnancy. Snooki just keeps bringing in the money! Really? She's so immature to be having a kid! She's a drunk, that doesn't stop partying! What a GREAT role she is on young girls! I think it's just all BS! My mom doesn't have anything to say about the Jersey Shore people...But she told me that it's just not right how a few weeks ago she straight out LIED to a prime minister or some big shot about her pregnancy!! I totally agree with my mom! That's just really messed up!

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