Monday, March 26, 2012

Khloe NO LONGER supports PETA!

I have been working 8 hour days at Target lately! I pick up ANY shifts I can. I have even picked up shifts of areas in the store where I haven't even worked in before! I mean if you need some money, why not take whatever area in the store! I learned how to "PUSH" yesterday at Target. Basically you get things from the back room at Target and you push them to the sales floor and stock the merchandise. You use a little PDA and it tells you where in the store that the merchandise goes, the aisle and everything! I did it for  a couple of hours before I left work.

Khloe Kardashian has announced through her blog that she will NO LONGER SUPPORT PETA! Khloe, stated that she will still NOT wear fur, but she will NOT support an organization that supports bullying! I totally agree! I mean EVERYONE of us is entitled to our own opinions and beliefs! But, bullying and throwing flour at Kim the other night, because she wears fur is SICK! The woman who threw the flour at Kim Kardashian the other night was a former PETA activist. I'm so proud of how Kim handled the situation and walked off the carpet brushed off the flour and returned 10 minutes later to continue the interviews for her new fragrance! Most people would NOT handle the situation like that at all! I have a feeling if that happened to Kim's younger sister Khloe, she would have BEAT the lady!

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