Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kim Kardashian leaves LA for 3 months!

Kim Kardashian left Los Angeles international airport yesterday evening for NYC! Kim stepped out of the car and worked the airport like a runway! Kim was all smiles and happy like always as photographers snapped photos of her. Yes some people are liking her new wardrobe but others are not fans of Kim's new style. Many people think that Kanye has totally changed her style....completely.

As soon as Kimmie stepped out of the escalade I was there to greet her(: Kim's leaving LA for 3 months! She's going to be traveling to New York, Australia and London! Kim's flying to NY for a fan meet and greet with her two sisters, Australia for a Quick Trim event and to Europe for who knows what!? Maybe meetings for a DASH London!? How does this woman do it!? So much traveling! And please tell me how you pack for 3 months!?!

I greeted Kim as the man was putting her luggage on a cart. Yes, I do respect the paparazzi, I have amazing photos talking to Kim while leaving restaurants and other events, but they DO NOT run LA, and they DO NOT own the celebrity! I will not jump in front of their photos, but yes I will get my autographs and photos(: Kim looked amazing as she stepped out of the car. I go you remember me Kimmie right!?  She totally went, "YES, I  remember you," in this sweet soft voice! The paparazzi were so freckin loud, I had to practically scream to talk to Kim! I asked her about the DASH opening in LA, if there would be a carpet. And yes she was more than happy to take a photo with her favorite red head! Check out a few of the photos that were taken of Kim and I at the airport.

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