Sunday, September 23, 2012

Enrique Igesias filming Music video!

I have liked Enrique Igesias music for a couple years now.  I love his song, "I Like it!" I'm sure you guys all know a few songs of his. Enrique is from spain, really had no idea until the other day. Enrique was actually filming a music video in Hollywood! So happy that I went to where he was filming because it was so easy to meet him! The security did get a little CRAY CRAY though because of the few photographers and TMZ. I mean I'm totally fine with them being around, because there's always a bigger chance of me being in a video and in some photos! Hahaha. Enrique was toatally cool with us fans! He was more than happy to take photos with us! He practically grabbed me to take the photo with me! There's actually a video of us on TMZ! Something I noticed about Enrique is that he's ALWAYS wearing a cap! ALWAYS!

Enrique loves his fans! 

Sammy Adams.

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