Sunday, September 23, 2012

Clint Eastwood swore at me!?

Trouble with a Curve Premiere in Westwood, California. What a day this was... I headed to the premiere in Westwood not thinking at all that I would get Clint's autograph because he doesn't really sign! I was able to get Justin Timberlake's autograph though for the first time ever! He was super cool! I was hoping to get a picture with him but he wasn't taking pictures with fans. I also got a couple Amy Adams autographs. Amy is ALWAYS so nice and her publicist always manages to find the true fans(:

Right after the arrivals on the carpet I headed to where Clint Eastwood was eating dinner. I wanted to meet him and get a photo with him so bad! My Grandpa loves Clint!! As soon as he was done eating both my friend and I approached him. My friend asked for a photo and Clint said, "I gotta go!" Then my friend said it will be quick! Clint said in a grumpy old man voice, "I don't give a fuuck!" His publicist gave a surprised look and whent, "CLINT! Hahaha. It was too funny! I loved it! I mean I never got my photo with Clint but he swore at us!! Ahahaha. It was worth it. I'll never forget that moment. 

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