Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kim Kardashian promoting MIDORI

What a day I had today! I swear! Everyday turns into a Kardashian day! I slept pretty much the WHOLE morning! I just really needed to catch up on my sleep! I have been staying up pretty much all night the last few weeks. As soon as I got up I headed to Starbucks in Hollywood. I need my coffee to function in the morning, even though it was practically the afternoon the time I got our of my house.

I found out at the last minute that Kim was in LA for a few hours. So what do I do? Go and see her! When Kim's in town, I make sure I find out where she's at! I practically know her schedule! Kim is the spokesperson and promoter of "Midori." When ever they need to promote it she's the one that promotes it on the carpet and attends the events for it. Kris Jenner and Kim both showed up to the carpet. The energy when a Kardashian is on the carpet is powerful and a rush!! There's always so much excitement.   As soon as Kim was done on the carpet I made sure I was right there before she entered the event. Kim was more than happy to sign my photo of us! I brought along the photo that we took together at LAX airport. We talked about the possible DASH location in London! I asked about it briefly and Kim said that they were thinking about it. Then Kim's publicist Pearl, took our photo together. Pearl made sure Kim was positioned perfect for the picture! Kim told all the paparazzi and media, "NIKO IS THE BEST!" Because I see her all the time, I am truly a dedicated fan. The feeling is amazing! Having one of your favorite reality stars from TV say that to you, and a bunch of photographers!! The feeling is indescribable.

Then Kris came over by me, and she signed my photo that I took with her the last time I saw her. She was more than happy to chat. She was even messing around with the Midori drink in her hand saying, "Your not old enough yet!" She's awesome! I love her personality! She always looks great on the carpet as well as Kim. Kris will a lot of times go along with Kim to her events.

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  1. wow! that is so amazing! "niko is the best" omg i loved it, kim is such a sweetheart <3