Monday, September 17, 2012

UNFOLLOWED Lea Michele on Twitter!

Lea Michele! Oh Lea Michele!

Okay, I am the type of person who tells it how it is! Good or bad! You guys HAVE to hear about my experience with Lea the other night right after her "Nylon" magazine launch party in Beverly Hills. Okay I went a long with a friend that really wanted to meet her. I am really not the biggest Glee fan.... But I have seen Lea on a few magazine covers that I loved! I just went along to see how it would go! Lea "Instagramed" the location earlier in the day, so I mean fans were expected to show up right!? She freckin gave away the location of the event! Lea left the hotel/restaurant, was waiting outside for her ride to show up. She looks to her friend and says, "I don't want to take pictures with ANYONE!"There were like five fans waiting outside for her, even just to meet Lea or talk to her. Why assume they even want to take a photo with you!? She practically runs to the car, acts like her friends are talking to her and she's afraid to look up! My friend shows her the drawings that she drew of Lea. The drawings were freckin amazing! Lea goes "Awee!" My friend goes they are for you Lea! She says "thanks" in her fake voice. My friend was telling her how many times she's tried to meet her and how she wanted to take just a picture with her. Lea ignored her and continued to go into the car. I looked at Lea in the car, and said, "Can't you just take ONE picture with my friend, she drew you those photos and she would love a picture with you!" Lea just ignored me! hahaha. I believe it was the publicist, and she goes "she got the drawings!" I went "SOO!?" I told the lady that my friend just wanted a picture and Lea ignored her and thats rude! She went, well she had to go I'm sorry about that! I said, "It's always like that with Lea, she has been seen blowing off her fans many times!"

It just annoys the hell out of me how she treats her fans! This girl gave her these amazing drawings! At least take a photo with her in return! I mean Lea, it was your magazine launch event, aren't you suppose to be friendly! ONLY do it when there's cameras around! And there were NO cameras so why not ignore your fans like you do on your Glee sets in New York and LA!

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