Monday, September 17, 2012

Jamie Lee Curtis again!?

Okay I know now that Jamie Lee Curtis really isn't the nicest person! But I can't pass up going to try and meet her! And I've been wanting my Halloween DVD's signed! Jamie Lee Curtis was out promoting her "Children's book" the other day at the Grove in Los Angeles. It's funny how these celebrities are so friendly on camera, then when the cameras done recording their personalities completely change! As soon as Miss Curtis arrived at the Grove, she took a short cut to the stage that she would be interviewed on. She was trying to avoid as many people as possible! She was practically running to the stage! I managed to take a few good photos of her running around the Grove trying to hide from everyone! As the interviewed ended my friend tried asking Jamie if she could sign her Children's book. Jamie straight out goes...."NOO." How horrible huh? She was more than happy to take pictures with Mario Lopez and sign is book for him though! How horrible! Telling a fan straight out NO! WOW!

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