Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ashley Greene loves her fans!

Ashley Greene was out the other day promoting her new movie, "The Apparition." The movie is a horror film, I'm pretty sure it's the first that Ashley has done. Ashley came right over by the fans and started autographs right away! As soon as Ashley came over, I right away asked her who her favorite Kardashian was! I know, I know, I always ask that! I'm just curious what some of these celebrities think about the Kardashians! Ashley said, that Mason would have to be her favorite! Ashley was wearing a red dress, she looked great! She is always very nice to her fans in LA! I managed to get a few autographs from Ashley, one photo was actually one of her modeling shots, it wasn't from a movie.

Had to take a quick photo with this Kim photo that I ran into! 

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