Friday, August 17, 2012

Kevin Jonas & Danielle!

Kevin Jonas and his new wife Danielle were out the other day at the Grove to promote their new reality show that airs soon. "Married to Jonas." Kevin is a true gentleman when it comes to taking care of Danielle. the interview didn't last too long, and right after they darted out! Kevin Jonas was more than happy to sign a few things for his fans. Some of the girls had magazines, books, and pictures of Kevin. I even saw Danielle sign a few things?...Ummm..Okay? I guess she is a reality star now? Whatever floats their boat! I managed to get ONLY a couple good shots of Kevin. The teen girls were CRAZY there!! Like CRAZY! A million iphones were out and everyone just stands in the way! Ugh. 

I thought this was a neat photo. I was trying to get both Kevin & Danielle
 in the shot and the girl taking a picture of them on her iphone. 

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