Tuesday, August 7, 2012


My amazing neighbor from my hometown, Greenfield Wisconsin was diagnosed with appendix cancer more than a decade ago. It's a very rare form of cancer. Although I understand her outlook was poor with survival chances being very small, Kathy fought on.  As of the current time, Kathy is in the final chapter of her life.  She is resting at home comfortably according to what I hear, now on pain meds and taking naps.  This is NOT Kathy. Kathy NEVER acted sick, EVER! Kathy never told anyone she was sick. She never let cancer win. According to my mom, Kathy had chemo for the majority of the past decade on a weekly basis.  Kathy went alone. Insisted of being in a curtained in area, took a nap for the treatment, never exchanged stories with other "sick" people, because you see, Kathy was not sick.

   I can't even remember when I found out that Kathy had this disease, as she had it since I knew her, however she NEVER acted like it.  Kathy lives life to the fullest.  She walks, gardens, took care of her mother (even walked to her mom's assisted living apt, threw mom in a wheelchair and walked back home, where Kathy visited with her, then walked her mother back to assisted living in the wheelchair, and Kathy turned around and walked back home!). All with a smile!
   Kathy is our youngest dog's adopted mom. Maggie Mae was an immediate love to both my mom and Kathy. Kathy and Gayhardt dog sat for Maggie on more than one occasion.  Prior to Maggies' arrival at our home, Kathy had a dog that she loved dearly. It was apparent as how she took care of Spud. Spud was definitely spoiled. Our 5 dogs would always run over next door to Kathy's house practically demanding treats! They have ran over there in zero degree weather! I would have to put a pair of shoes on and run through the snow to go get them. There has even been some occasions where Kathy's back door was open and one of the dogs would run right in her house wanting treats! Our dogs always act like they are not fed! Kathy would always spoil them like they were her dogs and give them treats and play with them. 

Miss Maggie Mae! 

Kathy you have inspired me. I know I don't see you as much because I'm living in California but I think about you constantly, I think about how much of a strong person you are. One thing that I love about you, is that no matter what your going through, rough times or not you ALWAYS manage to keep a smile on your face.

Kathy, you have taught me to not take life for granted and to live every day like it's my last. 

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  1. Sounds like a remarkable woman. What a great lesson you've learned from her.