Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hanging with Kylie Jenner

I had work in the morning the other day, like very early! I actually for the first time didn't struggle as much to get up for work. I worked from 8:30 am until 4pm. Right after work I headed right over to Hollywood! Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner were attending their friends surprise birthday party right off of Hollywood Blvd. I was going to meet my friend there but they couldn't make it. Kylie arrived with her two other friends. I started talking to Kylie and told her that I'm not some "hardcore" stalker or anything! I told her that I just have paparazzi friends! Kylie goes, "really?! How do they know! This is a surprise party!" I had to let her know because seriously I just saw her the other day! Kylie signed my photo and wrote my name on it! The photo was from the last time that I saw her in Hollywood! The photo that I got signed was the time that she posted a photo of us on Instagram! Right when she sees me, she totally knows me because she did post our photo on Instagram! We took a couple photos on my iPhone and she loved my case with Kim and Khloe on it! She grabbed my phone to look at it and I go "Kim looks naked in the photo though!" Kylie goes, "she probably was naked!" I started laughing! For real?! Did Kim's sister just say that?! Too funny! Her guy friend was nice enough to take the photos of us, and they turned out perfect! Like picture perfect! I like my celebrity photos that show the full body, instead of just our faces! Right when we were about to take the photos I took my glasses off and sweatshirt off. Kylie goes, "It's fine, take your time." I told Kylie how it was nice seeing her and to have fun(: Kylie's ALWAYS so friendly! I mean Kendall is very nice too but very shy! Kylie will totally talk away!

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