Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chatting with Khlo Khlo!

Was running around Hollywood ALL day the other day! I was probably out for at least 20 hours! Crazy huh?! I Grama worries! I was having so much fun though! I took my friend Danny from work on adventures ALL day! He was able to see Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner. We even spotted Marilyn Manson entering a hotel on Sunset Blvd. We headed over to Kendall and Kylie's magazine signing that they were doing in Santa Monica. I was considering going to the signing but there were at LEAST 1,000 people there!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT!? I really had no idea that the "Jenner" girls had so many fans! WOW. They had so many people in the store that they had to start moving people outside!

After being in Santa Monica I headed over to where the "Jenner's" were having their "Seventeen magazine party." The party  was at a hotel in West Hollywood. Sure enough the girls showed up and I took two photos with Kylie! Kylie totally remembers me! I mean I have talked to her at least 4 times now! Kendall was really shy and practically ran into the hotel. But Kylie didn't mind chatting and taking pictures.

I came back to the hotel later that night after I found out that Khloe was there! I was beyond excited, I had to see my Khlo Khlo again! I waited outside the hotel a little in my friends car. I was watching for Khloe to leave. I saw Khloe walk out with her friend and they waited by valet. I JUMPED out of the car practically tripping in the bushes next to the curb! I went over by Khloe and said" hii Khlo Khlo," and hugged her right away! I asked how she was, and told her that she looked GREAT at the event that I saw her at earlier! She kept saying "why thank you doll." We talked for at least 5 minutes! I told Khloe that I was from the midwest. She told me she's been to Chicago before, and somewhere near Milwaukee. I then told her that I thought Kim was there...for one of the basketball games...but I couldn't remember which boyfriend it was with! Opps! Khloe said, "Yeah we put that WAY behind us, thats way in the past! Kim doesn't like when we bring that up!" We even talked about how perfect the LA weather is and how I'm happy that Khloe is back in LA. We took a couple photos on my phone. Khloe LOVED my phone case! She kept telling me how much she loved it and her friend liked it too. I told her that we had to do a "Kissy lips photo because I do them with Kimmie too! The valet guy had her car waiting there with the door open but Khloe didn't even mind just talking! She was in NO rush to get out of there. It amazes me that no fans or photographers were there! CRAZY! I will NEVER forget that night, such an  awesome 5 minutes of my life!

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