Friday, August 3, 2012

Khloe Kardash promoting HIPNOTIC!

Yesterday morning, I headed over to West Hollywood! Khloe Kardashian is back in LA and she was promoting, "Hypnotic." Both Khloe and Lamar were suppose to be there but only Khloe showed up. Khloe arrived in her white range over and shortly after her publicist showed up. I was actually able to get photos of Khloe on the carpet. Yes, I was the ONLY fan there! How awesome is that!? Khloe looked stunning! I mean I have seen Khloe a few times now, but she really looked great this time. Khloe never has been big! Personally I think it's the magazines and the photos online that just make her look different. Khloe was more than happy at the event! She always is smiling and looking happy! Khloe was at the event with her friend Simon. I wanted to try getting a photo SO bad with Khloe but I couldn't be rude! I pretty much just recorded the event and took some photos.

The photos aren't the best because they were taken on my iphone. But I mean you can see Khloe, so they will have to do! (: 

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