Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glossy PHOTOS!?

Headed over to Costco this morning to pick up photos for upcoming events that I'm going to. They printed the photos glossy! I HATE glossy photos! There's a much bigger chance of the photos smudging when I get them autographed! Now I have to go back there and return them and reprint them! There's a few upcoming premieres that I'm really excited for.....I really want a photo with Vanessa Hudgens! She's going to be at one of the upcoming premieres! I went to get something to eat after finding out that my pictures were printed wrong! UGH! I didn't do to much today, because tomorrow is going to be a long day! Lots of things planned(: Another eventful day in Los Angeles!

Oh Yeah, by the way, I'll be heading to Florida in TWO weeks to see my mom and my uncles! I haven't seen my mom in over 6 months! Miss her lots! I'm so excited! I love that I'm going to one sunny stare to another sunny state! I can't come back to Wisconsin until it's nice outside! It's just way to cold there, right now!

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