Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ne-Yo likes KIM KARDASH!

Another Hollywood Adventure today! I headed to a newsstand right off of Hollywood & Vine, to pick up a magazine that I wanted. The newsstand was closed!? HUH!? I jumped on the bus and headed over to another newsstand on sunset blvd. They have pretty much every magazine you can think of, Including magazines that were printed in the United Kingdom! I purchased this new magazine that Kim Kardashian is on the cover of called, "HAUTE MUSE." In the magazine she talks about her adventures in Dubai and she has many photos in it from her last photo shoot! One of the things I love the most about Los Angeles is the newsstands that are all over the place! I love those newsstands just on the streets!

 I jumped back on the bus because I needed to head back over to Hollywood for a TV taping. The guests on tonights show were Katherine Heigl & Ny-Yo. The first movie I ever saw Katherine in was "Bride of Chucky!" I loved horror movies when I was younger and still do now. Another one of my favorite movies she was in , is "Killers." We waited for them to arrive. Both of them signed autographs on the way out. Ne-Yo was more than happy to take photos with us and sign autographs! I asked him who his favorite Kardashian is....and he said, "KIM!" AHHH! I was so excited! I told him that she's my favorite too! He said that "she's the most DRAMATIC....and the butt!" I love meeting other celebs and artists that like the Kardashians!(: As Katherine was leaving we thought she wasn't going to sign autographs because she was holding her kid! Turned out she signed autographs! Katherine is so nice, I was so excited to get my "Killers" DVD signed! It got a little CRAZY when she was signing autographs because there were no barricades! I was hoping to get a picture but I never did. But my picture with Ne-Yo turned out great! He was a super cool guy!

I love his autograph! It's neat!

After all that excitement was over I headed home back to North Hollywood. As I got off my last bus some guy across the street asked me if I could help him get on the bus.....but the bus wasn't even there yet! Yeah...I'm just going to wait for the bus to come and help you on!? UMMM....NO! This is LA you CANNOT TRUST anyone! He was probably going to kidnap me! It reminded me of some horror movie! I just told him that I had to go!

I have been wanting Kat Von D to do my tattoo for awhile now! I have been talking about it and even tweeting her! She tweeted me right back! Seriously she does some amazing tattoos! I'm seriously NOT getting it done by anyone else! No WAY! I want KAT to do it! 

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