Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Got home at 4am!

I slept in so late because I stayed up so late at the Golden Globes event! I didn't get home until 4am that day! It felt so good to sleep ALL day until I had to go to work later that night. I had a lot of energy after all that sleeping. I got to work pretty fast...like in 20 minutes because the busses actually came really fast! Some guy at work tried speaking to me in spanish again.... I told him I do not understand! But he continued to keep talking and asking me things in spanish! i worked a few hours that night and took the bus home right after. It was so cold outside! I only had a sweatshirt with me, I was freezing! I couldn't wait to get home and bundle up and wear comfortable clothes! I love wearing like 10 million sweatshirts when I'm at home! Even if it's hot out I like wearing a lot of clothing inside. And I CANNOT sleep without socks! I need to be wearing socks!

Khloe Kardashian landed in LA this morning, flying in from Dallas to attend a game at the Staples center because Lamar was playing the Lakers. I was hoping to see her but I was working so I had no chance of meeting her at the game. 

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