Monday, January 16, 2012


Award Season is just beginning! So many events are going on this month & next month! The Golden Globes were today, were many after parties were going on. I attended one of the After Parties in West Hollywood. So many guests and A-Listers showed up! Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt snuck in but were not seen. We did see George Clooney arrive. Meryl Streep waved to us as she left the party. A few of the kids from Glee showed up. So many people attended the party. We waited hoping to meet a few of the people that showed up. Glenn Close came right over by the fans and signed autographs. Glenn didn't want to take photos though, I don't think she likes pictures of herself. We waited like ALL night for people to arrive and leave the party! I was in West Hollywood until 3am! Cameron Diaz, stumbled out of the party very drunk with her hair out of control! Cameron turned us down to take photos with her and didn't sign any autographs. I guess she doesn't ever take pictures with people?... Heidi Klum was also at the event and IGNORED us! She didn't look, wave or say anything! I had a pretty good night was a few photos! It was a fun experience. I was hoping to see Angelina & Brad again though. I didn't get home until 4 am! I WAS EXHAUSTED! 

Here are a few photos from last night at the Golden Globes after party(:

 Gerard Butler! He's always so nice! He likes joking around too! He kept messing with us and saying that he didn't want to take pictures! But he did(:
 Matthew Morrison from Glee. This is my second time meeting him. He always takes time for his fans.
James Marsden was really nice. He was like waiting for us to recognize him! He was a little quite but really nice. He was more than happy to take photos with us! He played in the NEW movie HOP! 
 Michelle Williams was really sweet. Only a few people got photos with her, This was a few hours after she won her Golden Globe! 
 Jessica Chastain from "The Help"
Missi Pyle, has been in TONS of movies! Some of the movies she has been in are, Charlie & the chocolate factory, Dodgeball, Two and a Half men. 

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