Sunday, January 15, 2012

Angelina Jolie's Q & A

Another day waiting to try and meet Miss Angelina Jolie! I will wait ALL day to even just see Angelina! I love that woman! Something about her....she's classy and elegant and I love it! And those lips! WOW! They really are HUGE! I have seen them in person! Miss Jolie was having a Q & A in Hollywood this morning. I tried to get there as early as I could before a lot of people starting showing. We went into the Q  & A. But were thinking that we would have no luck getting autographs in there because the security will be SUPEr tight on Angelina! So we went outside trying to find the best spot to wait for her. She could either go out through the front or the back. Tons of fans & photographers were waiting for her. Tourists started to wonder what was going on too! I guess Angelina signed a few autographs going into the theatre but not many. Jolie went right in the front! HUH? Right on Hollywood Blvd?! I would NEVER expect that! I couldn't stay much longer because I had to head over to work. It turned out that I didn't miss anything! She went out the back and signed no autographs. But all the photographers did get their pictures though! Angelina was smiling and waving to everyone.

I was seriously considering staying for the Q & A. But I really wanted an Angelina Jolie autograph! I didn't get it today but there's always next time!(:

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