Saturday, January 14, 2012

W Magazine party!

I got up around 9 this morning. I got ready and organized my room a little, I had off of work today. I thought I would just head over to Beverly Hills(: I mean I live so close to Beverly Hills, why not just go there whenever I want. I took the subway over to Hollywood and caught a bus over there to get over to West Hollywood. I grabbed some lunch at Subway before one of my Beverly Hills adventures. It was pretty hot out today. As I got on the bus I recognized someones voice...It turned out that it was the 80 year old guy that flirted with me at a bus stop when I first moved to Los Angeles! This happened my first month living here. This was the guy who kept saying I was a cute kid, asked me if I was legal, and said that I must get a lot of tricks! UGH! I tried my best to hide from him and covered my face! I really didn't want him flirting with me again, and I didn't even want him to see me! Can you believe out of everyone, I run into that guy! OMG....I guess it is Friday the 13th today! I couldn't wait until he got off the bus!

I hung out in Beverly Hills for awhile and went to Starbucks to work on my blog a little. I needed to catch up with a few things and wanted to update some of my photos! I ordered a Passion Tea apple juice from Starbucks and it was delicious! YUM!

I headed over to the "W" Magazine party in West Hollywood. It's a fashion magazine so I was thinking a lot of good names were going to show up. I guess Lindsay Lohan showed up earlier in the day and so did Kim Kardashian. At some of these bigger events they have security so things don't get out of control. They had a couple security guys there. People from the new movie, "The Help" arrived, True Blood and many others. Not all the people that arrived wanted to be seen! John Mayer totally ran into the event looking like a bum and dodged the red carpet. Jessica Biel also showed up but she didn't interact with the fans at all :/ I had a fin night though and a headache. Here's some of the photos!

Rachel Zoe! She is an amazing designer! & she has her own show!
Kelsey Grammer! I'm sure you guys recognize him!
 Jared Leto.

 Janice Dickinson! She was like falling on me while we were trying to take the photo! She like hogging the photo! GEEZE! 
 Octavia Spencer "The Help"
Ann Magnuson She was seen in "Panic Room"
Liev Schreiber "Scream" is the first movie I think of when here his name!
Kirsten Dunst "Spiderman" movies!
 Mary Elizabeth Winstead "Final Destination 3" & "The Thing"

 Eric Stonestreet "Modern Family" 
 Matt Bomber
 Ryan Kwanten "True Blood"
 Rachael Harris "The Hangover"
 Tilda Swinton "Chronicles of Narina"

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