Friday, January 13, 2012


Work so early! 8:30 is just so early for me! I'm more of a night person! I actually didn't have to wait that long for the bus to come today. I'm like a zombie in the morning, you guys should see me! I got to work and got a CHOCOLATE chip cookie before I started work! Always when I work in the morning the time goes by so fast which is good! During lunch I went to a Sushi place right by Target with a friend. BOY do I LOVE my SUSHI! YUM! I just love it, I haven't had Sushi in so long! I could just live off of sushi! I took a few photos of my sushi for instagram, to post on twitter & facebook(: After work I was planning on just going home and taking a nap. I just was so tired from work and having to get up so early in the morning. As soon as I got home I fell asleep.

Few photos from work today with my friend Eli & at the Sushi place in North Hollywood(:

OMG! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE THE HOUSE LOOKING LIKE THIS! (Anything goes in Southern California!)

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