Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Adam Lambert & LC photos!

I worked through the 2012 People's Choice Awards! :( UGH! Oh well, I always have next year!(: It's pretty easy to get tickets to go too! I loved watching all the award shows from Wisconsin and now that I actually live in LA where they are filmed, I have the chance to actually attend the shows! Well, at least I was making money at work while they were going on. I had to keep checking on my phone though for all the updates on twitter and to see what all the celebs showed up in and who they sat next to at the awards(: Call me CRAZY! I don't care! I just like staying up to date with all the latest news! 

I got so many blog views from posting the Adam Lambert photo! I got close to 2,000 views in ONE night!! How CRAZY is that! I was so excited! The Adam Lambert fans are so passionate about him, and thats awesome! So many fans were sending me links and videos that they saw me in. I couldn't even find a lot of the videos! People from Europe were even sending me links on twitter! That is seriously awesome what the internet is capable of! I post one photo and it's EVERYWHERE! As I was searching a little online I found a few more photos taken by one of the photographers of Adam Lambet, Lauren Conrad and I. Seriously that was an awesome night. I just love celebrity run ins(:

Both Lauren Conrad & Adam Lambert were beyond nice to the fans! They didn't attend dinner together, but they were eating at the same restaurant. 

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