Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PHOTO with Adam Lambert!

Had a really exciting day in Hollywood today! I was planning on going to an event that Mark Wahlberg was going to be at but the event was canceled! UGH! I was so upset, I have heard so many great things about Mark. I made it to Hollywood in the morning/early afternoon. I headed over to the Grove because the event was canceled that was going to be held in Hollywood. I met a friend at the Grove we both wanted to meet Rob Schneider! Rob was a really nice guy, and very short! Haha. Nobody really recognized him as he arrived at The Grove. My friend got a movie cover signed and we both took photos with him. I think Rob's assistant or publicist took the photo for me. Boy was it HOT & SUNNY today at the Grove! I needed my sunglasses badly!
It's Rob Schneider! from ANIMAL!

After the Grove I headed back to Hollywood after I grabbed something to eat. I was meeting a friend in Hollywood, I waited at Starbucks! DUH! (: I started working on my blog for a little and finished eating my lunch. The weather was just perfect today, not to hot and not to cold! My friend really wanted to meet Dermot Mulroney. We waited for him to arrive at a TV taping in Hollywood. He was very nice and signed autographs & took photos. Randy Jackson was also there but he wasn't that nice and ignored us!
Dermot Mulroney "Zodiac"

Later I ran into Adam Lambert & Lauren Conrad! Adam was beyond nice! WOW! He was with his boyfriend leaving a restaurant in Hollywood. I quickly asked for a photo with him and he was more than happy to take one with me. He said, "OF COURSE!" Adam has the bluest eyes! WOW! They were so blue, they stand out so much in the photo of us! Adam signed a few autographs leaving the restaurant and left with his boyfriend. The photo of us turned out pretty good. The flashes from the photographers kind of killed the photo though! So many flashes were going off as Adam left the restaurant! It was INSANE!  Lauren Conrad stepped out of the restaurant, with (I think her boyfriend.) The FLASHES went off again....I approached her and asked if I could take a photo with her. She was more then happy to take a photo with me. I told her that it was nice meeting her and thanks for the photo! I really don't understand how these celebrities see with ALL those FLASHES going off! It's so BRIGHT! I wasn't even the person being photographed and I was being blinded!  There were probably 8 photographers there!

Lauren Conrad tonight in Hollywood(: 
Adam Lambert! Such BLUE eyes! 


  1. Love the pic of you and Adam, so cute! And you're right, his eyes are legit stunning, wow. So happy to hear that he was super nice, he seems like he would be!

  2. YES his eyes are stunning! WOW!

  3. Great pics... You have a sweet smile and face... and I love the pic with Adam! Did you know that you're in this video: