Tuesday, January 10, 2012

English please?!

Worked! Such a long busy day at work! Some guy today tried getting into an argument with me, he only spoke Spanish! He ordered something and told me in Spanish! I told him that I didn't understand what he was saying! Then the lady he was with tried giving me an attitude! She said you kept skipping us and taking forever! I said, I'm sorry your friend was telling at me in Spanish I didn't know what he was saying! The lady was so rude! She was demanding for things!

After work I headed home relaxed because I was tired from work. I got a few things together for an upcoming event, and it turned out that the event was cancelled! I was so upset! I really wanted to meet Mark Walhberg and get a photo with him! I guess next time, I heard Mark is really nice!


Today was my Grama's birthday! She shares the same birthday with Kate Middleton! This photo was taken in London and this is the church where Kate got married!

Black Tea Lemonade! YUM! 

Chelsea Handler was spotted attending an event in Pasadena the other day with her heels in her hand. I just wanted to share this photo.....is it just me or did Chelsea Handler become extremely thin!? I don't think she was always this skinny! She just looks really thin in this photo! What do you guys think?

All photos © Salpi Bezdjian (SBEZSTARZ365)

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