Monday, January 9, 2012

Amazing LA stories!

I worked in the evening so I didn't have to rush around in the morning! I would rather work at night I guess. I just don't like getting up so early in the morning. I'm fine with working in the morning, but I just HATE getting up so early! I had a pretty good morning, I watched the Kardashians, and got ready for work. Oh yeah, I even did some laundry! It was really the only time this week that I would have time to do laundry. I got to work early because the bus is so slow on Sundays! I sat down and got something to eat before I started work. I have been chatting with girls here in California about getting pregnant at an early age. Getting pregnant in Southern California is a very common thing here, especially in the Valley. I chatted with someone about having a kid at a young age while she was in high school. I have been hearing SO MANY stories of people here in LA having babies at a young age. To be totally honest with you guys, I would frown upon the fact that young girls were getting pregnant while they were in high school. But I have heard so many amazing stories from some of the girls here. I now don't judge them! I used to be SO judgmental! Yes I can be pretty judgmental, but after hearing some of these stories I'm not instantly judging them, or saying my rude comments. Yes you should still always use protection though no matter the circumstances! ALWAYS! Especially, because of all the STD's you can get!

One of my Facebook friends posted this photo the other day & I had to put it on my blog! This is SO TRUE! You CANNOT ever give up on your dreams! 

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