Saturday, January 7, 2012

6 months in CALIFORNIA!

Took my time today leaving the house. It just feels good to just be able to take your time! For the last 6 months in California I have been rushing EVERYWHERE! I have been to so many events, premieres, celebrity outings and meeting friends, it does get exhausting! It just feels good to rest sometimes! I mean, I'm ALWAYS on the go and I'm always doing something! Today marks the 6 months that I have been living in my dream land, Los Angeles, California! I have made so many great friends here and so many amazing celebrities! Yes, I do miss my family though, but they're are just a phone call away! And yes I do miss my sister bailey TONS! Bailey and I are like BEST FRIENDS! She's probably the only person I'll ever trust!

This is my sister on Johnny Depps Star when she was visiting in August!

I headed back over to Studio City today! I went to Urban Outfitters because I had to get those VANS that I really wanted! I just love shoes! I can't help it! Call me a Clothes/shoes WHORE! i don't care! My mom got me addicted to BUYING Shoes & clothes! Thanks mom! I discovered a new way to get to Hollywood. I sometimes don't even take the subway, I take the bus which takes you right through the Hollywood Hills! WOW! It's a pretty BUMPY ride! The bus actually drives right through the hills! I was talking on my iphone during the WHOLE bus ride and I didn't lose signal once! So my family in Wisconsin needs to stop complaining that I have bad signal here because it's not coming from my end! After shopping at Urban Outfitters I headed over to West Hollywood to get my hair cut. There's this place that I usually always go to. It was pretty busy in there today. The guy who cut my hair was rude in my opinion and he would take a break from blow drying my hair and blow dry his!? WTF! Who does that!? How rude! I told him what I wanted done with my hair and he said, "thats it?" Yes sir your not getting a good tip at all! Yes I always tip even if people are rude, because he did cut my hair, but the service was not that great so no I will not be tipping as much as I was planning on tipping! I walked over to Starbucks down the street on Santa Monica Blvd to work on my blog a little, I had to update a few things.

Later I headed over to an event that Elle Fanning was going to be at. I really wanted to meet her! Plus I would rather meet her now before she becomes hard to meet. It's always good to meet some of these people when they aren't so popular! Because they could be the next Lady Gaga! Ya know? Elle was so nice! I got my photo with her and she signed a few things. I later asked her if she was a fan of the Kardashians. She said something about just watching their show! She said that she loves the Kardashians! I asked her who her favorite was, but she really doesn't have a favorite, I think she likes all of them. I told her Kim is my favorite. She said that she's never met any of them. Elle also set that Kim seems sweet and that she is pretty. I also met two other people from the movie "Super 8." Ryan Lee was another kid that was in the movie and Gabriel Basso. They were both very nice and signed autographs for us. Gabriel is on "The BIG C."

Gabriel Basso. From "The BIG C"

Miss Elle Fanning. Really nice girl. & she LOVES the Kardashiasns! She got so excited when I brought them up!

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