Friday, January 6, 2012

Lost in Studio City!

Slept until like 11 today and was planning on taking the bus to Studio City. I had a few errands to run and I thought I would just take care of them in Studio City. One of my other favorite areas would have to be Studio City. I have been there a couple times now and I love it! It's a perfect area with a bunch of stores and places to eat. They have URBAN OUTFITTERS there which is one of my favorite stores! It took so long to get to Studio City I really had NO TIME to do the things that I needed to get done! I did figure out the area more though and now know where places are. I was planning on stopping at Urban Outfitters to get these shoes that I really wanted! But I had like NO TIME! I had to get to work by 3:30 and it was already 2:00. No shoes for me! I went and got something to eat at Subway instead and then headed to work. I had to get back to the valley in time for work. I was on my way to work and got a phone call from the Target in North Hollywood. They asked where I was? I was like, "on my way!?" They said that I started a half an hour ago! I said the schedule says 3:30! I made it to work and it turned out that all 3 schedules said three different things! I'm sorry but that's NOT my fault! Umm....No! I just started work whenever I got there.

Today wasn't a really successful day. But I did find my way around Studio City! I guess that's a plus! I'll be heading there because I still need to go back to Urban Outfitters for my shoes that I NEED!
My Grandma is so funny! I've been saying "Cray Cray" lately, and the Kardashians also say it. My Grandma thought I had spelling errors on my twitter! Haha. 
This photo was taken in Florida when I was visiting my Uncles last year. I love this photo so I had to share it!

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